World Downfall is

Pulverizing Vocal Assault

Destructive 6 String Attack

Massive Blasting Capacity

Nuclear 4 String Battery

The apocalyptic mood expresses itself in the musical action of the band. The listener is attacked by a death metal- and grindcore-bastard, enriched with some classic thrash metal influences. The four-men-combo from Cologne/Germoney is explicitly influenced by bands like Terrorizer (well, what would you expect if you read the name "World Downfall"?), Brutal Truth and Slayer. The lyrics deal with real and up-to-date-problems like the injustice of man towards his own species and his environment. The band dissociates itself explicitly from the currently growing nazi-asshole-movement which regrettably infected even the so called "scene". So what else can be said? After the release of two Promo-CDs "WORLD DOWNFALL" planned to release their full-length debut. Because of some bad experiences with relying on other people, they decided to release it themselves and entered the studio in August 2003 to record their first DIY-album "Last Step Before The Fall" to give you an audition of what they are about. Since starting up the band the guys had the chance to play several gigs in Germoney, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Holland, Israel and Switzerland with bands like ABORTED (BEL), ACCUSER (GER), AGATHOCLES (BEL), ANAAL NATHRAKH (UK), ARCH ENEMY (SWE), THE ARSON PROJECT (SWE), BELPHEGOR (AUT), BLANK (GER), BLOOD DUSTER (AUS), BRUTAL TRUTH (USA), CANNIBAL CORPSE (USA), CEPHALIC CARNAGE (USA), THE CRIMSON GHOSTS (GER), CRIPPLE BASTARDS (ITA), CYNESS (GER), DARKANE (SWE), DEAR LANDLORD (USA), DESASTER (GER), DEW-SCENTED (GER), DOOM (UK), DYING FETUS (USA), ENTOMBED (SWE), ENTRAILS (SWE), FUBAR (NL), GADGET (SWE), GAMMA BOMB (IRL), GORY BLISTER (ITA), GUT (GER), HAEMORRHAGE (ESP), HEAD CLEANER (GRE), HENRY FONDA (GER), IMPALED (USA), JAPANISCHE KAMPFHÖRSPIELE (GER), KEITZER (GER), KETZER (GER), KRISIUN (BRA), LAUTSTÜRMER (SWE), LAY DOWN ROTTEN (GER), LENG TCH´E (BEL), LOCK UP (UK), MACABRE (USA), MALIGNANT TUMOUR (CZ), MANTAR (GER), MARDUK (SWE), MASTER (USA/CZ), MDC (USA), MISERY SPEAKS (GER), MONDO GECKO (IL), MÖRSER (GER), MORGOTH (GER), MUNICIPAL WASTE (USA), MY MINDS MINE (NL), NASUM (SWE), NO FRIENDS (USA), OCCULT (NL), THE OCEAN (GER), THE OTHER (GER), POOSTEW (GER), PRIPJAT (GER), PSYCHO (USA), RATOS DE PORAO (BRA), RAW POWER (ITA), ROMPEPROP (NL), SADISTIC INTENT (USA), SADUS (USA), SANITYS DAWN (GER), SEEIN RED (NL), SERPENT EATER (GER), SEVERE TORTURE (NL), SINISTER (NL), SKITSYSTEM (SWE), SODOM (GER), TERRORIZER LA (USA), TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION (USA), TRIVIUM (USA), VITAMIN X (NL), YACÖPSAE (GER) and many more. Some festivals WORLD DOWNFALL played @: NRW DEATHFEST 2003/2006/2012 (GER), OBSCENE EXTREME FESTIVAL 2006/2010 (CZ), SOUL GRINDING FESTIVAL 2006 (F), DEATH FEAST OPEN AIR 2008 (GER), EXTREMEFEST 2012 (GER), HEARTCORETAGE 2001/2004/2006 (GER), BLEEDING FOREST OPEN AIR 2006 (CH), LUDWIGSHAFEN DEATHFEST 2004 (GER), RAGING DEATH DATE 2010 (GER), THE DARK EMBRACE FESTIVAL 2004/2012 (GER), RAGE AGAINST RACISM FESTIVAL 2012 (GER), FROST PUNX PICNIC 2010 (GER), GRIND THE NAZI SCUM FESTIVAL 2008 (GER), BATTLES IN THE NORF FESTIVAL 2007 (GER), LOVE & PEACE FESTIVAL 2005/2006 (GER), NORD OPEN AIR 2012 (GER), GRINDHOVEN 2013 (NL). In 2005 they had the great opportunity to play four shows supporting Swedish Metal Masters ARCH ENEMY and new hopefulls TRIVIUM (USA), which was a great experience. On November 25th 2006 World Downfall released their second full length album "BEYOND SALVATION" ("DEMO OF THE MONTH", German METAL HAMMER, March 2007). A 14 song deathgrind bastard featuring Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy on guest vokills on "Your Shadow Moves Faster Than Mine". In 2008 and 2009 World Downfall were part of two vinyl releases. A 4-way Split 10" alongside NESSERIA (F), FUCK THE FACTS (CAN) and THE CRINN (USA) and a REPULSION-Tribute-Sampler. Also paying tribute on this one are bands like GENERAL SURGERY (SWE), HAEMORRHAGE (ESP), IMPALED (USA), COLDWORKER (SWE) and CEPHALIC CARNAGE (USA). 2010 was the 10th year since the band's formation and was celebrated with their second appearance at the OBSCENE EXTREME FESTIVAL in Trutnov, CZ. In June 2011 WORLD DOWNFALL did their first-ever tour which took place in Israel (Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Kfar Saba, Haifa, special thanks to Asi and all our Israeli friends), sharing the stage with such great bands like MONDO GECKO, ALERT and many more. It also included an unplugged show (!) on a roof top in Haifa. In May 2016 their second-ever tour led WORLD DOWNFALL to beautiful Greece with shows in Thessaloniki and Athens where they shared the stage with some great bands like mighty HEAD CLEANER from Thessaloniki,Greece, and RAW POWER from Italy. Special thanks go out to their good friends in HEAD CLEANER and STHENO, George and Aliki and their family and all the other great guys they met and had a great time with. If you want to have WORLD DOWNFALL for concerts or receive further information, do not hesitate to contact the band! Greetings to former band members: Heinz [d/v], René [v], Mike [v], Carsten [v], André [b], Kevin [g].