Last Step Before The Fall CD 2003 (Fishcomcollective)

saving the best for (the) last (of 2003), it seems. AAAAAARRRGGH, the first full cd of world downfall from germany! limited to 500 copies and total D.I.Y.! respect! however i know this band for more than 2 years, this cd surprises me because of its brutality and raging power. fucking great and clear drumsound, in this case necessary because the madman hits like a whirlwind from time to time. perfect guitarplaying, very fast breaks, riffs where other guitarists must unstruggle their fingers after a few seconds (or they even won't dare to try playing like this). not specific technical but intelligent. same for the bass off course, because it has to run together ha! "dreadlock mass" löhm grunt 'n growl his wisdom upon these unearthly grindtunes in words like "forced into shape", "lost in the ruins", "last step...", "incapacity" and more. this all enriched with some classic thrashmetal influences. after the 15th track, there's a 5 minute medley confirming why world downfall is as good as terrorizer and the likes (are there any?). heavy words but it's the fucking truth! there are some sarcastic intro's, a gunshot and a german spoken piss&shit-outro as well. 16 pages booklet completes this masterpiece of grind. react now to get a copy into your collection.
world downfall is the best german grindband at the moment, nêh!!!
review written by: carnal glutony

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