Looking Into The Barrel (from Beyond Salvation)

you have a good job, a house and a wife / a car, nice clothes, just a sorrowless life / it can’t get any better for you than this / you can buy anything money could buy / pain and hunger don’t exist in your world / you don’t give a shit about people starving / looking down / once on top / down on others / once elite / looking soon / once so proud / into the barrel / soon to be dumped / this is your world and you make the rules / anything works perfectly for you / nothing could ever happen to you / but this one day your wonderland caves in / some drunken guy crashes into your car / you nearly die in this unhappy accident / instead of four wheels you just have two now / and you’ve become worthless for economy / you lose your job, your house and your wife / what’s going on / where’s your power gone? / your world seems turned upside down / what’s this feeling in your stomach? / hunger? / black turned into white and white turned into black / now it is you who is looking into the barrel