Blind (from Beyond Salvation)

your eye is not pleased with what it sees / ( you) want to change me to satisfy your needs / forming my outer shell to pass your sieve / poisoning my mind and giving me grief / i am blind / blind / i cannot see / blind / because i don’t want to see / your mind is not pleased with what it gets / i am not the one you are looking for / forming my inner self to fit in your shape / blinded and deceived i deny myself / dazed and confused / following your path / breaking all the bridges behind / sleepwalking through this theatre / the sleeper is awakening soon / blind / blind / i am losing control / blind / you suffocate me / i am sick of this masquerade / superficial and pleasure-seeking / the scales are not in balance / this cannot be the real deal / i can see / I can hear / your tongue won’t burn me any longer / your words seem empty now, (they) have always been / have always been