The Same Coin (from Beyond Salvation)

life and death, past and present / two sides of the same coin / the heart has given out / the body fails / silent tears / torn at the thought of losing you / remember that day that changed our life / one bad news / finding no way out / remember the good times / forcing out of pain / memories wake up / have had a nice life? / dark night / no light / death before your eyes / a new lovely story every new day / you shall face the consequences / what have you done to be punished in that way / the worst way of dying for such a strong man / dark night / no light / death before your eyes / only the belief in a white god / the watcher of the gateway / driving through the floor of horror / walking in the garden of death / listen to the symphonies of sickness / breathing the stench of the undead / medical injections / chemical therapy / feelings full of horror / feelings full of fear / what am i doing here? / the world is falling apart / let me out of here / i am not part of this anymore / i panic / terrified at losing you / you can’t say goodbye / but this is no more life / emptiness confusing your brain / now it’s time to die / i can’t take it anymore / now it’s time to say goodbye